GoldenTree ONE

Invest Smarter, Differently

GoldeTree ONE

We are an AI/ML hedge fund currently during the incubation period building our track record in the foreign exchange and commodities markets.

We specialize in automated algorithmic trading with all our strategies being completely driven by ML algorithms.

With extensive experience in ML research and in building end-to-end ML systems, we exploit patterns in financial data, generate proprietary signals, and embed these into real-time automated trading strategies.


Our systematic macro trading strategies consist each of a real-time fully-automated ML system meticulously designed to yield a positive annual rate of return significantly above the sector average.

Our trading systems continuously:


A seasoned ML researcher and data scientist with over 14 years of experience in building end-to-end ML systems and an in-depth understanding of the currency and commodity markets and the regulations around these.

Responsible for the performance and behavior of the fund and to build a successful trading track record.